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Acrylic Drill Set (1/16 - 1/2 by 16ths)

ULTRA BOR Super Premium – Black & Gold – CHIPFREE Point

Special Hi-Molybdenum tool steel, gold surface treated body, flute and point for maximum lubricity. Super CHIPFREE point is precision ground at a 60° angle for gradual penetration to avoid cracking and chipping of the acrylic material. Special 0° rake angle on cutting edge eliminates "grabbing" when drill breaks through plastic, acrylic, or laminate surfaces. All sizes over 1/4" have 1/4" shanks. Includes case seen in picture.
Size: 1/16" through 1/2" by 16ths
100% Union Made in the USA

Drill Bit Set: Acrylic Drills
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