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American Made Drill Bits provides inexpensive quality drill bits. All drill bits are made in America! We currently carry the following:  Masonry Bits, Heavy Duty Bits, Jobber Length Bits, Mechanic Length Drill Bits, Quick Release Drill Bits, Custom Drill Bits, Metric Bits, Reduced Shank Drill Bits, Screw Machine Length Drill Bits, Sheeter Bits, Taper Length Drill Bits, Taper Shank Drill Bits, Drill Blanks, Hi-Carbon Steel Dies, Hi-Carbon Steel Taps, Straight Flute, Auger Bits, Hole Cutters, Glass Drill Bits, Tile Drill Bits, Metric, Drill Sets, Ultra Bor, Spiral Point, Carbon Tipped, Diamond Tipped, Extractors, Hex Nut Reamers, Hexagon Dies, Hole Expansion Tools, Left Hand Drill Bits, Impact Hammer Drills, Cobalt Annular, Rotary Saw Bits, Silver and Deming, Black and Gold, Step Drills, Tap and Die Countertops, Reduced Neck, Twin End Drills, Weldout Spotweld Drills, wood bits, metal bits, acrylic drills, annular cutter, bolt removers, stainless bits.